postalpix Whoo!! Big high-fives to everyone who participated in our #maypixgiveaway contest we had over the weekend! We had an overwhelming amount of response and have randomly narrowed the winners down to the lucky 8. *drumroll* The winners are... Reposts:


Thanks to everyone who entered! We hope the random bursts of laughter were at least a good consolation prize. ;) Don't forget to keep tagging your print displays with a #PostalPix tag! We love featuring them here on IG weekly.
  •   vipro_ Aww poo . Congrats to the winners. :) 3y
  •   glenbox Hay need some help guys, is postalpix only for the USA and a few other countries? I live in UK and we can't seem to be able to download the App, Help!!! 3y
  •   postalpix @simply_adri Always worth playing right? You never know what the odds are. :) @glenbox We're so sorry! We're only available in the US right now. If you head over to, we have an international request form to fill out if you'd like to be notified when we come to your country! 3y
  •   glenbox Thanks I would love 2 fill the form out! I hope u can soon :( 3y
  •   millicentg @tanyamac36 woo hoo congrats 3y
  •   millicentg @lacyrich woo hoo congrats 3y
  •   simply_adri @b_moo_ and won! Haha you have to follow postalpix 3y
  •   simply_adri You never know what could happen 3y

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