miketeylannn Homeboy hooked it up on a trade with some orange box heat on #shoegamela #SGLA #nikesb #nikeskateboarding #flashes #deadstock #heat #nikeallday 3y
  •   miketeylannn @angelooo yeah this dude has so much heat he straight up told me I'm losing a lot in this trade but I really wanna complete my foams collection. 3y
  •   miketeylannn @angelooo what shoes you looking for? 3y
  •   angelooo Nothing in particular really. Lately been lookin for a pair of kobe Vs and Jordans. but anything really. I've been buying a bunch of shoes agai lately. Haha. 3y
  •   infamouskeonee Looks like you hopped on agah 3y
  •   miketeylannn @keonee lol yeah I wanted to try it out and the dude I met was super chill 3y
  •   keevinn45 Damn @miketeylannn how much you cop 3y
  •   miketeylannn @kobrique45 I traded my copper foams. Dude was real chill about trading. He has so much heat 3y
  •   keevinn45 @miketeylannn damn good one!!! Not my size!! Hahaha. What else he got? 3y

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