jonnycraig4l I love my fans. 4y
  •   heybrittany4l Proud of you Jonny, you can do this. 4y
  •   robchambs Ego invlation ... 4y
  •   triceratash So happy for you Jonny, your music is too good a gift to throw away! 4y
  •   alissahogan Its so sweet your.straightening up for your girl. I no i don't have a right to say that much cuz i don't no you but from what I've seen it makes me happy someone so talented found there way. Stay sober man @jonnycraigreal4l 3y
  •   alexxxxmarlett Yes! 3y
  •   galaxygrl Yes you are 3y
  •   t_buds Love tht 3y
  •   scherley666 Youve changed my whole life with your music jonny so keep doing tht to others cuz u r doing this so fucking good dear badass .i love you so so so so so much! 3y

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