clancie "hey mom! is there anything here that fits me? " #cnetbunnies #pet #petstagram #rabbit #rabbitstagram #bunny #clothes 4y
  •   ekdikisis Omg such an adorable one. 4y
  •   clancie @ekdikisis thank u! adorable but naughty as well 4y
  •   ekdikisis Does Mocha bite the clothing? I left my new shirt on the floor one day and there was a hole when I tried it on. Marshall bit it. 4y
  •   clancie @ekdikisis oh definitely! she chews on everything and especially loves iPhone cables. she's just bitten off 3 of my wires . yesterday I had the bright idea of letting her chew on this pile of old shirts but she still jumped on the bed to chew on the linen and clothes 4y
  •   ekdikisis Omg. I learned my lesson and bunny proof the entire house because every wire left out would be bitten after a while. Mocha's so naughty. Maybe more toys for distraction? 4y
  •   clancie @ekdikisis oh, teach me how to bunny proof! well actually, for some odd reason, she doesn't dare to venture out of the bedroom but there's more than enough wires in the room for her to chew! I will keep a close watch though and she only gets to roam when I'm home. she's such a little fusspot. I gave her cardboard, quilt, pillow, clothes... she doesn't like any. she only chews on what she wants to 4y
  •   ekdikisis Just make sure you hide all the wires, clothes and books from her reach. And for those wires that you can't, get those cable proofing to wrap around them so she can't bite it. Aww. Maybe she's still young that's why she's intimidated by the rest of the house. Try getting her some willow balls or cardboard box/tunnel to entertain her? It works for Marshall. Though honestly he's more of a pig than anything. 4y

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