ucmea Me in the old #Kelburn #cablecar I used to ride on, when I was a student in #Wellington, #NewZealand. Now it is in the Kelburn Cable-car Museum. Maybe I should be in one too! We used to hang on to the leather straps so we didn't fall off! The theme for today was 'Something Red.' #gf_daily_redmonday_005 #gang_family #gf_daily 4y
  •   ucmea Thanks @saoirse_shea. That's what the kids used to say that I used to babysit. Then I would say in a very stern voice, "I AM NOT!" And then they would fall on the floor laughing and holding their stomachs! 4y
  •   rlampkin1973 Lol your only as old as ya feel Charlie 4y
  •   ucmea Thanks @mrbarber73 4y

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