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  •   kaikirrali Cool !! 2y
  •   nicholas_kt I am on Webstagram at the moment. I've tried to give like to other photos and also yours, I couldn't do it though.  2y
  •   jmworks @nicholas_kt Hi, thanks for using Webstagram, there's a limit to like throught Webstagram, so there's posibility you hit the limit... could you please try again later? 2y
  •   nicholas_kt Oh, I see, how many likes will meet the limit? I really like to surf IG with Webstagram cuz it is much more convenience than the iphone and ipad app. It would be great if you can extend the limit. 2y
  •   nicholas_kt Oh, BTW, Thank you very much for your kind instant reply. 2y
  •   jmworks @nicholas_kt I think 250 to 500 per hour is the limit 2y
  •   nicholas_kt Alright, thx much 2y
  •   rms7120 love webstagram. Nice shots by the way 2y

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