krystaljoie Asan Park view from atop a mountain! Fantastic view up here! Lovely #guam! 3y
  •   aly27 Very beautiful 3y
  •   krystaljoie Thanks sistah! @aly27 3y
  •   chrisjohn82 Awesome view... Is this at the War in pacific: Lookout??? In Nimitz hill??? 3y
  •   krystaljoie @chrisjohn82 Yessss!!! That's exacty right! Lol at me couldn't quite remember the name of this place! But you are right!! Hahaha!!! 3y
  •   chrisjohn82 Hahaha it's okay about the name, as long as you got the pic... Which you executed perfectly!!! ... I remember the view, cause I took pics there 2 months ago... 3y
  •   krystaljoie @chrisjohn82 haha... Thanks, that is sweet!! Great place for picture taking! I really love Guam's scenery!! :) 3y
  •   cfguru Ganda ng mga posts mo friend! 3y
  •   krystaljoie Thank you my friend :) @cfguru 3y

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