tonysklepictattoo Last shot before bed. This is what happens when you're home sick all day lol 3y
  •   kept_in_danger Very impressive! 3y
  •   z0mbitr0n That's what happens when YOU'RE home sick all day. Great work. 3y
  •   tiagotargacampos F*** ing amazing 3y
  •   sugarshan3 You are incredibly talented!! Bravo 3y
  •   bartschart @draw4u coming from a Thor fan of 27 years, I know you're going to kill it better than anyone else could. Thor was the first thing I ever learned to draw, and it set me up for a long geeky road of art and comic books. Are you going to be selling prints of these? The original possibly? So stoked to see it. 3y
  •   jewleighuh Bravo! 3y
  •   jubileegee Uhg oh god just tattoo me please :( I should just come in before school tmrw 3y
  •   gotwoodford I want this one to 3y

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