•   theonlytonyy He's wearing a shirt?! Da fuq 3y
  •   ressa92 @ajn17 haha yeah I still have some clothes from my bratz dolls lol n it fits him surprisingly 3y
  •   naomi_alanna Omg you would !! 3y
  •   ykwan What is that 3y
  •   ressa92 @naomi_alanna haha yeah I'm trying out other outfits 3y
  •   ressa92 @ykwan hah it's a bearded dragon! 3y
  •   ykwan Ohh and what does he look like without his ''jacket'' that i cant see 3y
  •   ressa92 @ykwan hah!! Well it's a "tee shirt" n you can see the front of it from the front lol 3y

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