kevjonesmusic Death Jenga. If you lose, you get a bare back slap. @danhutchins12 & I -vs.- @maddkc & @rhobbs7 #welost #nofilter 4y
  •   james_m_noel You can see the outlines of fingers! 4y
  •   kevjonesmusic @kris10johnson Don't worry sis. Took it like a man & didn't even flinch a bit. @maddkc said his hand hurt so I actually won the game if you think about it :) 4y
  •   stephdaniell Hahaha you can definitely see a hand print... Boys are so weird! 4y
  •   katypbrooks I second @stephdaniell. And props to you girl for being up at the crack of dawn! 4y
  •   maegan_ussery Ok wait... How is that a fun game?! That looks quite painful! 4y
  •   curtisbatsel Don't bash it till you've tried it. With consequences like that, there is much more pressure on how well you play. Makes your decisions that much more important. And it's really funny if you're the winner 4y
  •   tricia_hutchins Even after this tradition started years ago, I still have NO CLUE why you boys define this game as "FUN" hahaha. Us girls will actually be having fun this trip! 3-D handprints on my bro and my hubby make me sad! 4y
  •   cbrooksy @thatonejones hahaha agreed. Wow man miss it. 4y

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