korasdadbrad Geoff and Zoey #fatherdaughterlove 3y
  •   toddfisher13 Awww Geoff!!! I miss u homeboy (Brad)!!! I wish I could see u and meet ur fam 3y
  •   lovepretzel Pretty girl 3y
  •   korasdadbrad Yes @alyssa_wells that's for sure!!! She's quite a little cutie pie. One of these times going down I'll hit u up @toddfisher13 and u can meet my little bundle of happiness. Dang Alyssa, speaking of meeting we still all have to meet up n have a play date 3y
  •   toddfisher13 Right on bro I'm way happy for you and your happy lil family!! Wish I could have a family like that.. We're all grown up now and it's about time to settle down and get on with being a family man instead of a bachelor forever haha. Crazy u, g, and Alyssa all have kids... And me, none that I know of yet haha thank God. I couldn't handle that yet but I'm 3y
  •   toddfisher13 Definitely getting there! You should for sure hit me up when u come down so I can see u.... Or if I come up that way to visit my sister (she just left today for napa for her new job) I'll let u know and stop by. Much love brother. :) @korasdadbrad 3y

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