jubeijaxx Jubei and lighthouse. 4y
  •   jubei203 Damn u lazy @tuchay_0ohmy 4y
  •   0oh_my @jubei203 you damn right 4y
  •   jubeijaxx @tuchay_0ohmy me and Jubei did two laps on that Rock walk Today! Went to the lighthouse one time with just me and Jubei than Stanley went to meet us there and we took him to the lighthouse too. Haha don't wait until summer! Mosquitos are out there! Go now this week before it gets warm. 4y
  •   0oh_my @jubeijubay i will have to take babysteps but i will definitly try before summer... Lol 4y
  •   jamiemeo Lovely simple photo that send inspiring message 4y
  •   jubeijaxx @jamiemeo thank you ;] 4y
  •   criro Very nice gallery, you ispired me! 4y

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