jillthedesigner When I was six, we lived in a old Victorian house in New England and in the back was a giant, overgrown flower garden. Amongst the beautiful flowers were these, which I used to sew together to make dresses for my dolls. I haven't seen these for decades! The smell of them brought back so many fond childhood memories of sitting alone, singing in the garden, while playing with my dolls. 4y
  •   mintkarla You should knit a bunch of these into a skirt for yourself and do a photoshoot. 4y
  •   seemaryquilt They have the best smell ever! Can't wait to plant some in our yard 4y
  •   waynejay I have a couple of these in my yard! They smell great!! I'm thankful to the previous older lady living there for planting these!! 4y
  •   jillthedesigner @mintkarla Don't tempt me! Lol 4y

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