jwills55 Cornbread w/ honey butter. I've been craving cornbread for awhile. I like mine on the sweet side and always add extra sugar. It's nice to be back in my own kitchen! 4y
  •   jwills55 @bakajan I have extra. Too bad you weren't my neighbor, I'd give you some. 4y
  •   jwills55 @pamcakez I mixed about 4 tbs softened salted butter to about 1-2 tbs honey. Add more or less honey to suit your taste. 4y
  •   pamcakez thanks I'll have to try that 4y
  •   jwills55 @pamcakez You're welcome! I've had it at restaurants, thought I'd try to make my own. 4y
  •   serenity_light_photography I would be in trouble if I lived close to you with! I could eat the whole pan LOL! 4y
  •   jwills55 @bakajan Looking at your food we'd be in real trouble. We'd probably have to jog around the block a few times a week! 4y
  •   serenity_light_photography @jwills55 I totally agree, more like everyday! 4y
  •   joytoyja @jwills55 looking yummy! Wish i could visit u sometime 4y

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