•   treatyouright Ya you know her more prob I only met her once, what a shame she's a cool chick :p don't tell me what to do dude. @amandcd 4y
  •   amandcd Yeah she is cool, thats why im dating her. Do whatever you want, as long as it doesn't involve her in any way @treatyouright 4y
  •   treatyouright So she wasn't kidding about having a boyfriend? :p what if I happen to see her again? :p @amandcd 4y
  •   amandcd No she wasn't. And I HATE you idiot guys who I around hitting on every gel they see. Calm your hormones and leave people alone. Especially if they aren't single and tell you to get lost. Where on earth would you see her? And if you do just leave her alone 4y
  •   treatyouright I just thought she was tryna play hard to get :p I don't hit on every girl I see but not gonna lie I did hit on colleen :p I didn't think she was taken but now that I think about it how can a girl like that be single? Lmao! @amandcd 4y
  •   treatyouright See you on Wednesday @colleensaid :D 4y
  •   treatyouright I hope I didn't start any #drama @amandcd ? later! ;) 4y

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