•   missmavisdavis @mefman00 aww yes! Reminds me of the days in the early 90's when Kevin and I mated penguins with golden retrievers. The best of times. 2y
  •   mefman00 @missmavisdavis I couldn't believe they actually tried to make it work. Poor Kevin was so hopeful. I think that was when his schizophrenia was starting to set in. 2y
  •   missmavisdavis @mefman00 I really do miss Kevin's sparkle. When I visit him in prison on Sundays, he just doesn't seem the same. I'll give him your regards this week. 2y
  •   mefman00 @missmavisdavis Do you want to spray paint some stuff on Mrs. Clifford's house? Kev would appreciate it. She was always calling the cops on him. 2y

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