katejm Let the monster project begin!! 4y
  •   vgrabia @katejm I was in such a rush to get Cecil finished that I forgot to take proper pictures, but I snuck a couple later on and will post those. Be careful, these guys are addictive - you'll find you can't make just one! 4y
  •   leish1 are they hard? would an inexperienced knitter be able to tackle? I want a new winter hobby and it's been a while between stitches... 4y
  •   katejm They aren't hard @leish, though I needed the technique explained as it was new to me. Have you knitted on DPNs before? 4y
  •   ddadoodle Oooh that looks cool :( 4y
  •   ddadoodle Doh! Not :( ..... :) 4y
  •   katejm Oh @ddadoodle I thought you was jez makin a monster face! 4y
  •   ddadoodle Lmao , have you started making any yet ? Would love to see pics :) 4y
  •   shorticus Cooool!! 4y

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