lil_shmatty Home Made Hawaiian Beef Stew dinnah fo tonight 3y
  •   lil_shmatty @romeoblackburn wordup dawg 3y
  •   andrew.reynolds whattup shmatty? you gonna be in the 808 in july or what. idk if you remember me, we met up outside a holiday inn in HNL a few summers back. hit me back if so man! 3y
  •   lil_shmatty @ar54981 idk. Did I sell u weed? 3y
  •   andrew.reynolds yeah you did. was just wondering cause i'll be there this summer, not tryna be sketchy tho haha 3y
  •   lil_shmatty @ar54981 haha word. Yea idk if I'm gonna be there in July. Probably September. 3y
  •   andrew.reynolds @lil_shmatty aight man no worries. that'd be ill if i could make another purchase. shit was absolutely bomb, mahalo for that! 3y
  •   lil_shmatty @ar54981 no doubt. Hit me up when ur there. I can hook u up 3y
  •   andrew.reynolds @lil_shmatty sounds good man. I'll tweet you or hit you up on here when i make it out there. 3y

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