kwistennn Leo's new homemade leash. Not to impressed with me right now. He'll get used to it. Made from felt and twine. #leash #lizard #beardie #beardeddragon #reptile #ilovemypet #mad #unimpressed #outside #homemade #craft #felt #twine 4y
  •   kwistennn This is Leo's 'mom why are you doing this to me. I'm not moving' face. 4y
  •   dicky350 Lol I love this? How is he finding it? 4y
  •   kwistennn @richie350 he's okay with it. He's not to impressed but he did start walking around after a while. 4y
  •   dicky350 Im going to give it a go with mine, he's only young so fingers crossed he will learn 4y
  •   kwistennn @richie350 yeah that's what I thought. Leo's seven months old so it worked out. :) 4y
  •   _rackandruin Bought my dragon a halter, but he hates it. Won't even let me put it on him 4y
  •   kwistennn @z0mbiies I'm lucky cause Leo doesn't put up much of a fight, he's very laid back. How old is yours? 4y
  •   _rackandruin I got him last November so... Around 7 or 8 months? 4y

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