barackobama President Obama: "Ohio, four years ago, you and I began a journey." #Obama2012 3y
  •   pattyecheverria WHERE IS OUR REFORM?! @barackobama 6mon
  •   zach0805 @pattyecheverria ya WHERE 6mon
  •   eilaf_3 Save gaza free gaza 5mon
  •   zhou_qinghui 威武,酷毙了! 5mon
  •   dody_alonzi Save Gaza 5mon
  •   row112 God will free gaza 5mon
  •   safwaalharthy God will free gaza 4mon
  •   patrick.moriarty @eilaf_3 @dody_alonzi @row112 @safwaalharthy SHUT THE FUCK UP, god would never help people who massacre christian children and put their heads on display. Its time to wake up and think about why on earth anyone should help a fucking terrorist anti-american "country" like palestine. Muslims are sand bred brown fucks that worship a fake prophet and a book based on brutally killing innocent people. I HATE muslims, i always will, and i will NEVER support one of those fucking zoo animals of the middle east. 4mon

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