•   lifewithpeach www.etsy.com/shop/highlystrunghannah 4y
  •   cate_k Awesome knits sweet! They look wicked... <3 4y
  •   lifewithpeach @cate_k Thank you I never imagined that there would be such high demand for knitted dicks! 4y
  •   cate_k I can imagine! Are they selling well? 4y
  •   lifewithpeach @cate_k I've been asked to fill a cabinet in a shop near by so I'm pretty pleased with how many of the locals seem to like cock I'm making some famous dicks too, just to mix it up a bit 4y
  •   cate_k Bo yar! That's super cool! Sorry, sorry cant stop sniggering at concept of "filling a cabinet" with famous?!? (can't wait to see them) dick lol #toochildish :) ps v well done! X 4y
  •   steezymatt Haha 4y

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