barackobama Sign of support. #Obama2012 3y
  •   livetolax69 @impifbitch shut yo rhea Perlman lookin ass up. Dumb ass bitch 3w
  •   livetolax69 @impifbitch shit NRVERMIND that was just your ugly ass WCW who looks like that 3w
  •   livetolax69 And your shit says free expression practice what you preach fuck you think you is 3w
  •   impifbitch You goin get hurt saying that shit some day kid. @livetolax69 3w
  •   alirezamohebahlolbait I call you to islam,I call you to islam,I call you to islam 2w
  •   ashleyecu Shut up and look at what he wants to do in the future. I'm commenting this in the future and I'm just going to tell you you made a TERRIBLE decision. BEN CARSON DONALD TRUMP 1w
  •   autumnboucher12 ^ 7d
  •   aksel2935 Fock it quick palo 2d

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