zcam Sundial  3y
  •   zcam Thank you @zooliejoe_gf - the photo was taken at exactly midday  3y
  •   zcam Thanks so much @knyima_gf! I love your pictures. 3y
  •   zcam #50likes for the sundial.  3y
  •   travelswithmyphone Ooh I know this sundial - Pembroke right? Was designed by a friend, Lida Kindersley. Great shot! 3y
  •   zcam @ma9nuna wow! Yes! Are/were you at Cambridge? 3y
  •   travelswithmyphone Am generally in Edinburgh but was at Peterhouse. What do you do do there? 3y
  •   zcam I teach yoga and I am a research fellow at the Centre for Family Research. I came as an undergrad, left, came back, left, came back. And now I wonder whether to stay or leave... It's a beautiful place when the sun is out, but in winter I pine for the sun and the sea. 3y

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