•   youcantseeme279 *best 4y
  •   palachan13 @snoopyginger well ok, but a public Internet site seems a strange place to be for someone who's paranoid! You can always block people you don't like!!! 4y
  •   youcantseeme279 Really how? 4y
  •   palachan13 @snoopyginger for the eggs you have to thank Amanda @luvmybullies 4y
  •   youcantseeme279 @luvmybullies I think it's bc I have pics of my daughter and I am just over protective ;) but where we live ebt are rare so this gives me a chance to see more and ideas on how to keep her out of trouble ! Lol 4y
  •   palachan13 @snoopyginger I have two daughters too, older than yours, but I don't post pics of them. @luvmybullies is right, there are some weirdos out there, but pretty easy to spot! I also blocked a lot of bots - programmed likes that we're liking every pic I posted within a second - some people think they'll get famous by having a lot of followers on IG. Real sad acts!!! 4y
  •   youcantseeme279 @luvmybullies in south tx they're just not real popular here ? 4y
  •   youcantseeme279 @grubbythirteen yea I agree but alot of my family uses ig so we all post family pics. 4y

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