dodo_a sour fruit delicious 2y
  •   dodo_a @spikydoc it's called Janerek, it grows in the middle east, dont know if u have it where u live, it's sour and usually ppl eat it with salt 2y
  •   spikydoc Sounds interesting , it looks like un ripened peach.I really hummus , falafel ,tabbouleh . ;) can u tell me some more vegetarian dishes . 2y
  •   dodo_a @spikydoc actually it is an unripened peach, we eat it in spring and then they wait for it to turn sweet, it becomes brownish.. Tabbouleh is my favorite saladdd! CAnt get enough of it! Falafel and hommos not a fan of those! Most of our cuisine contains meat but u have some vegetarian dishes like fattuch, it's like tabbule but a lot more veggies in there with vinegar, u have malfuf, which is basically rice wrapped around cabbage and cooked in vinegAr, the list is long:p 2y
  •   dodo_a @spikydoc where are u from btw? 2y
  •   spikydoc Thanks a lot , but I ll blame you for excess saliva in my mouth , hahaha. I m from India. Very valuable info for me. :) 2y
  •   dodo_a @spikydoc lol, that's fine:) lebanese cuisine is really great!! I encourage u to try it everytime the chance occurs:) i've never tasted indian food but i watch a lot of ur cuisine, it looks good, lot of spices! 2y
  •   spikydoc Yeah it is full of spices , I ll send you some delicacies , stay in touch:),tc peace. 2y
  •   dodo_a @spikydoc sure:) 2y

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