dicky350 Lei lei loves her new waterfall fogger! 4y
  •   kittycamille Are they the ones that eat baby banana food ? :) 4y
  •   dicky350 @kittycamille she's a crested gekko, her main diet is fruit baby food but she does love locust aswell :) 4y
  •   kittycamille Ah ha. Knew it ;) I love those! There's one right now at our local reptile store who I just love! My parents won't let me get anymore pets til I move out though haha I've reached my limit here already! 4y
  •   dicky350 @kittycamille I know the feeling! I'm banned from getting any more, only got a chameleon, crested gekko, leopard gekko, bearded dragon, 2 turtles, fish, 2 dogs and a cat... Lol 4y
  •   kittycamille hahah that's awesome! I would love to have all those reptiles!! My mom is creeped out by a lot of them and won't even let me own a snake anymore lol so we have 7 dogs, 3 cats, 2 bunnies, fish and 5 chickens lol 4y
  •   dicky350 @kittycamille ah same the one thing my mum is against is a snake lol! Use to hide a small corn snake in my room but she found it and he had to go :( 7 dogs that must be mental taking them out for a walk aha! 4y
  •   kittycamille haha yeah, never all at once, we take like 3 at a time lol and I used to have a corn snake too lol but I had to hide my ball python and samee thing, mama found it and he had to go lol 4y

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