•   alicejhill Makes me so pumped to work out! Such a good physique! 2y
  •   maxrobby @alicejhill thank You! We Must train together than i Can You and You Can me more motivate! 2y
  •   alicejhill Not sure I fully understand what you just wrote haha but oh wow I'd train with you for sure haha I'd probably not be able to walk after haha seems like you do a lot of leg work haha 2y
  •   maxrobby @alicejhill yeah i Must lift u after the workout! In my Gym there no Girls train hard! They make cardio and go Home! :-( 2y
  •   alicejhill Well I love my squats but recently I haven't been working hard! Going overseas in 4 days but when I get back I'm going to really get into lifting and weights! Love a hard workout!. 2y
  •   maxrobby @alicejhill i to! I Live in Germany and now I'm in the us! I go in Gym and eat Protein and stuff like that but it is all different! U Know! 2y
  •   nstabile410 Oh my sexy German boy!! I want!! I want!! Pleease!! Hehe @maxrobby 2y
  •   mrvorontsov Woof y are big... 6mon

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