•   jennythepom I love hamsters  They are so cute!! 2y
  •   jdmhamster aww you have hamsters too?! I love hamsters 2y
  •   teddybobafatt @jennythepom @jdmhamster It's actually my first hamster. I saw her at Petco the other day and she really caught my eye, running back and forth in the display case. I went back the next day and brought her home She's a Roborovski hamster, she's so fast and so cute! I'll try to post a photo if I can catch one 2y
  •   ninaclaudiahall Is this a pomeranian chihuahua mix? 2y
  •   teddybobafatt @ninaclaudiahall yes he is half Pom and half long haired chihuahua 2y
  •   tsuki_runa Very pretty back figure 2y

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