crtwotwo Rehearsals..something a lil a special and different coming tomorrow night #sxliveonspeed 2y
  •   d_a_t_e I am here in Vegas but of course can't go! I have to unpack my house! 2y
  •   kevined That shirt.... Needs to be in my arsenal 2y
  •   shauncergoli Reedy massive fan of yours your my inspiration i know its sounds kinda gay but ohwell hahaha go the auzziezz oi oi 2y
  •   xxjashinxx IM WATCHING IT RIGHT NOW! 2y
  •   britt_vicious Yum. I love fucking Chad Reed 2y
  •   enduroxmum Just a natural 2y
  •   jeremymoser58 What up Chad 2y
  •   diggydub3 @crtwotwo Chad it has been awesome to watch your career...You are the Only Foreign Rider that I Truly Like and Respect. You Never back Down because you were the THE OVERSEAS GUY. Never afraid to Race and you brought Back real Old School Bangin Barz racing. And I remember you saying after a race, there was some tension because you had stuck your wheel in and you said 'I don't know if they think I'm here for a Vacation...No I'm Here and Here to Win A Championship. And those that don't like thats fine'....can't remember word for word. But much respect. 1y

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