•   abdieft Thanks @helene435 4y
  •   enamoni location? 4y
  •   abdieft Sukada garden, bali - indonesia 4y
  •   helene435_ud Bali, so beautiful! I visited three years ago and loved it! Didn't see this garden, though. 4y
  •   abdieft @helene435 , yuppp, this place is rarely published in bali tour 4y
  •   kellywoodphoto So tranquil! If you are interested in sharing your work every night with a community check out @kellywoodphoto every day. Tonight's theme is black & white. 4y
  •   dimarq Todas tus fotografías son excelentes y de una calidad inmejorable ,con la técnica de un buen profesional.Felicidades 4y
  •   vakhography Great photography    4y

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