omfgcee Prom dress was a success! Soooo stoked for prom now! 3y
  •   saloteiaaaa Bad news my mom is forcing me to go to Tacoma on the day of your prom You don't know how bad I wanted to be there for you but we can face time while your getting ready ? 3y
  •   saloteiaaaa BUT I the dress! & the color 3y
  •   omfgcee You serious?! Ughhsjwnwk that sucks! And thank you!! I tried it on and I look BALLING. :) . I'll save a pic for you :) 3y
  •   saloteiaaaa Yeah sadly >.< & Awwh you'll always look bomb hun! & make sure I need a picture of ( You&date , professional one too, one by a tree, one on the stairs, a WestSide sign with your date , a picture of your dress , one by yourself &&&& one with a L sign for my name ) LMFAOOOOO! 3y
  •   omfgcee HAHAH send me a list and I'll get all the pic you want LOL 3y
  •   saloteiaaaa @cgoesmoomoo YAAAAAAAAY, Ima do that right now (: 3y
  •   omfgcee @saloteiaaaa LOLOL OKAY YOU GO DO THAT BABES 3y

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