•   bsdatdude @allmaul yo u gonna post the whole movie scene by scene 2y
  •   allmaul @bsdatdude nigga that ain't in the, movie silly lol 2y
  •   americazmostblunted That's actually the scene in Thor not the avengers,yo mall his origin is bananas I don't think they all gonna fight them only hulk and Thor 2y
  •   allmaul @americazmostblunted they gunna have to bring in reinforcements 2y
  •   americazmostblunted I swear I was thinking the same shit or they gonna make the hulk turn really powerful , I can't wait for that shit , watching the hulk fight Thor brought a tear to my eye lol I never thought I would live to see that shit 2y
  •   allmaul Lol @americazmostblunted wurd that movie was I'll 2y
  •   americazmostblunted Nigga when he couldn't pick up thors hammer, just like the comics 2y

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