marlihuhn light the sun light the sun you are sounding the space navigating your base you know what to select sail on your soundtrack don`t get lost in the maze let`s go on face to face all o you gotta check we are all in one pack it`s too dark nowadays but don`t burn the whole place you know bullets arr wack there is no need to attack come on follow our trace we know some better ways we are bringing the light back before you break your neck move on up and light the sun light the sun now daylight`s back go out and check man you can choose good or bad news acting your act that is your trouth get in the mood now make a move here`s what you use - older than age stronger than youth it cuts you loose make sure you`re ok don`t get confused you`re on your track you`ve got the clue move on up and light the sun, baby, light the sun when it snows in your heart things seem to fall apart fix it dance the sundance watch your soul reach out and it touch our crowd go on dance the sundance you got power you`re smart and you know how to start so you dance the sundance getting rid of your doubt cause your doubt`s just a could and you dance the sundance move on up and light the sun, light the sun 4y

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