visualproky Seniors might need more frequent driver testing !! 4y
  •   bjornsponge Right!!??? Guess that stuff really happens;). I once took a great cell phone snap of a guy on the side of the highway with a gas can................ Refilling his Prius!!!!! I thought that was ironically hilarious!! I'm sure he was like, I get such great gas milage, dur, dur, duhr... Oh shiz, I forgot you actually have to put gas in this puppy:(( 4y
  •   visualproky @bjornsponge I agree. Nothing funnier than that. Too bad you did not get a shot of them walking away from the car w gas can in hand and head hung low. Lol 4y
  •   buried2010 Cuidado 4y
  •   momc2u Feel too bad for you to like this! 4y
  •   visualproky @momc2u I hope you did not read my last comment as a reference to this picture. It was about another story another person mentioned about a Prius running out of gas. I now can see where it looked like I was laughing about this but I was not. So please know that I was not making fun of this particular situation. I posted because it was an unreal image. Sorry of u were upset It was not my intention. 4y
  •   visualproky @momc2u btw thank you for all the likes. I really appreciate it. 4y
  •   momc2u Hahaha!! No, not upset at all. Just thot somewhere that you implied this was your car and I felt sad for you!! It is a very cool pic! Oh and it it was a pleasure to view your gallery. I appreciate your concern for my feeling. Your are kind. I'm good tho, really! 4y
  •   visualproky @momc2u lol. I understand. Yes, I like the fact that almost everyone on here is positive. It's great to see an I would hate for someone to think I was being negative. I appreciate the kind compliment about my work. All the best! 4y

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