lumb3rjack See you later gainesville. 4y
  •   lumb3rjack @maisonmoa lol. Averaging 27 or something like that :P 4y
  •   maison_m That's not bad. I average about 31 on trips. Weird how a bigger motor gets a tad better mileage than the 2.0t. You'd think the turbo would help the mpg significantly like the turbo In the 1.8t 4y
  •   lumb3rjack I can get 32 if I cruise at like 70. 4y
  •   maison_m That's where I get my peak. SoWo cruise I going to be a long, 70mph trip for me. I feel bad for all of the R32's 4y
  •   lumb3rjack Yeah, it'll be like 2 tanks each way for them. 4y
  •   shawngraves Pssssh. We aveaged 24-25 on the way up to Helen, GA and that was with my flywheel loose (unbeknownst to be). Tank and a half each way. 4y
  •   englandwilliam 5 tanks there. Bc racecar. 4y

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