theodorekaye at the orphanage. There's something slightly creepy about groups of very young children out walking unattended 4y
  •   vanawaggin Orphanages make me sad because I think of all the parent less kids who go without the normal, natural, unearned, unconditional love of a parent. I think of my kids being there and it breaks my heart. It takes a special person to work there and to be a foster parent. 4y
  •   3ree How do they not get lost?!! =_= 4y
  •   karenpercelle Heartbreaking. 4y
  •   whittiersam Looks like they are well protected with their sticks 4y
  •   dayzdandconfuzd Especially when they're dressed in funny little outfits. 4y
  •   ambermaitland That is so sad. They're adorable! I hope they get hugs sometimes. 4y
  •   marcellini @ktrap You are needed anywhere... 4y
  •   p234hg This breaks my heart 4y

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