jawknee9 Hanging 3y
  •   jawknee9 @kdaxon thank you 3y
  •   jawknee9 Vivian loves this little "Marshall" marshmallow guy bag, she carries it everywhere ! 3y
  •   iforyou @jawknee9 you are a brilliant photographer. You have keen sense of composition and an eye for the right moment. ... and your kids are cute too. BTW, what do you use for your HDR takes? 3y
  •   jawknee9 @iforyou thank you for all the super nice compliments, you are so kind! I use an app called camera awesome to shoot all my photos (which are about 98% of all my photos here)... I use I only one app to edit, Snapseed. However I do believe I used an different app to edit this photo, I thought id try something new called photogene... It's fine but I only used it once. Otherwise I shoot mostly with my Nikon d700, but like I said before I rarely ever post those photos...thanks for the interest!! 3y
  •   jawknee9 @iforyou sorry for all the typos above! 3y
  •   iforyou @jawknee9 Thanks for your comments. Is East Coast Grill located in Cambridge, MA? It looks like a fabulous place to dine. 3y

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