mere_satyagraha Once one begins to peel away their mask, even just the slightest amount, one finds that there is considerably more just beneath the surface than one would have predicted. When you have spent years sweeping dirt under the rug in an effort to ignore or forget about it, you will find that there is a hell of a lot more filth under there than you remember and it has become the fucking Godzilla of dust-bunnies. That first peek into the chasm will be scary, even terrifying. Don't be afraid of it and don't feel guilty for looking. I know, that's much easier said than done. We can do it, though. We can be whole. We can embrace the darkness within us and seek balance rather than futilely and foolishly continuing to try and avoid it or deny its existence. To deny it will only frustrate you and leave you feeling very dissatisfied and unfulfilled. More and more I see light and dark as being an amalgam. Together, they are like a magnet. They are polar opposites, resisting on another but still part of the same thing. One is, at least in part, defined by the other. Love, for example, is mingled with pain. Deny it all you like. If you have ever truly loved then you have also suffered pain because of that love. Love and pain aren't in opposition to one another and they aren't separate. They are part of the same thing and they are inseparable. For me, balance is the word. Balance in all things all the time. #thebackside #door #mask #godzillaofdustbunnies. 4y

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