svotra matching 3y
  •   svotra Thanks! This was in Nancy as well :) @scourthedream 3y
  •   _tonton ...predictive text gone wrong with a fast typing hand ... I meant to say 'tan' ! Get myself in trouble one day saying the wrong words ! 3y
  •   svotra Hahaha! I was already looking it up in the dictionnary and couldn't find it, obviously! Was looking fwd to enrich my vocabulary @_tonton 3y
  •   kaz_river Goooood 3y
  •   svotra Thanks! @kaz_river 3y
  •   svotra I never said THANK YOU!! @__glow__ 3y
  •   sisopis I like your photographic style... Very nice ;) 3y
  •   macroe Meeting on neutral ground 3y

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