ignoblin Just hanging out in the listening to a radio broadcast with my friend DJ Chaos as co-host. Show is called Hot Mess on our local radio 91.3. My request "Witchcraft" by Pendulum was just played and I'm doing some intense nerd reading, yay. #photooftheday #iphonography #radio #hotmess #pendulum #witchcraft #drumandbass #hunter #hunterthevigil #rpg #whitewolf #nerdalert #iamprettyawesome #djchaos #inmycar 3y
  •   tofero You play World of Darkness, or is this a new foray deeper into nerdom? 3y
  •   ignoblin @tofero I have played, but not for a few years. Working on the road too much, but since I've been home I've played Pathfinder and Heroclix with some astute buddies. I asked myself if I ran a game what I'd play, I'm thinking Hunter even though I've never played any of the new editions. I digress, new treats for an old nerd. 3y
  •   ignoblin @tofero I didn't asked if you ever played #worldofdarkness and if you have any suggestions? 3y
  •   mrgonev6 Coolness!! HtV is a great game! 3y
  •   ignoblin @mrgonev6 Yeah it looks pretty exciting so far. Thinking about starting a campaign soon, the system seems solid even though when I played Reckoning years ago it was good too. 3y
  •   mrgonev6 Yea, reckoning for CWoD was pretty good, but this version is much better, in my opinion. Glad you're liking it. 3y
  •   ignoblin @mrgonev6 Yes I have high expectations, especially after how hard it was for me to track down this book, I don't do PDF's if I can help it, endorse what you love... If you can. 3y
  •   mrgonev6 I don't mind PDFs, but I like real books too. Drive Through RPG has a good print on demand option tho. Glad you found a copy tho. The other books in the line are pretty awesome too. 3y

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