•   instatone @dulcieandres ah well thanks very much. I am always interested in responses to various treatments. Much appreciated!!! 4y
  •   anabb same here, but nevertheless this is such a great moment, and framing is just perfect ( in my opinion) and you've managed to catch the beauty of that little fragment, en passant, but still so full of it, which i'm not sure one can ever learn.;) 4y
  •   instatone @anabb I truly appreciate your kind words. I really enjoy storytelling of any kind and am always drawn to singular dramatic moments. My academic training is in Fiction Writing actually aka storytelling with words. My motto has always been to focus on the little details in a moment of change - whether positive or some kinda crisis.... 4y
  •   anabb thanks for sharing;) looking forward to more stories from you, 4y

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