•   knelson517 I remember that look, the question is where @ SH was this taken?? :) 4y
  •   adamvduke @kgranwehr it was taken at my shop. The better question is what happened to the pics of you welding in pig tails and a skirt... 4y
  •   knelson517 Haha holy shit I completely forgot about that haha, the only person that would know would be Matt?? Haha wow- now THAT is a flash back ;) 4y
  •   bloodmilk what's up mayhem miller 4y
  •   adamvduke @bloodmilk I can live with that. He's kind of tough, and we both went through a blonde phase 4y
  •   bloodmilk @adamvduke except he's 7feet tall & tough as nails. 4y
  •   adamvduke @bloodmilk 7' tall is going to be a problem. I already have the tough as nails thing down. 4y

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