chrisroberts Hot Chocolate Tour. 3y
  •   bocaaaj Fuck yes!!!!! 3y
  •   _steezuschrist White leather sneaks. 3y
  •   _steezuschrist Adio Hamilton, to be exact. 3y
  •   skiduls A collection of memories 3y
  •   chocolate_gears Still watch this vid all the time. Remember when you wouldn't give a shit and pay $30 for a video. Go home and watch it over and over till you knew a skaters tricks by memory down to the shoes they wore on each part! 3y
  •   luxlin75 That bizarre song that is played during that part is now going through my head 3y
  •   ahhlawnzo The first video I ever watched! My favorite to this day 3y
  •   jewfayce No one has shit on this crew. 3y

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