cassie My baby!! 2y
  •   johnspsssn Ride toooooo sick, makes you even more lol 2y
  •   theknowlife U looked awesome in the car!! Boom 1y
  •   azzedinebr Pretty Challenger SRT 1y
  •   mikalikewhoaa Wow I'm pretty impressed I would think you would be driving something more flashy. Nice to see your so humble. I own one myself with black rims but not the stocked ones. I wish I would of thought to spray mine then to drop the coins on them. @casandrae 1y
  •   justmeonig Wise minds think alike. Great minds think alone! 1y
  •   pcpnickyd Race me I have a charger 8mon
  •   sleeper668 Did u get new wheels???0 8mon

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