brandonhill What's better than one lobster tail? Well, two, of course. So tell me, yay or nay on seafood. Are you a fan, or not? No judgements, just curious... 4y
  •   katalli Some. Lobster isn't bad but I wouldn't order it. I really just stick to shrimp. 4y
  •   dancelittlejean I'm a huge fan of seafood. The best seafood I've ever had was while vacationing out in Bellingham WA in February. I was spoiled and it was wonderful. 4y
  •   aphrael That looks AMAZING!! I'm not always a fan, but damn, when it's good it's good. 4y
  •   amysherriehill Blech () to seafood. Yay () to your photo. 4y
  •   gmascookie I don't care for lobster, but LOVE me some snow crab! 4y
  •   mrrossdaboss Love seafood. Helps to grow up in Alaska. Favorite place in Seattle is the Crab Pot. Best ever!!! 4y
  •   lsjourney Mmm love seafood, but shrimp makes me feel ill  4y
  •   seekingthecenter Mmmm! I've never had lobster but I can eat my weight in crawfish or shrimp!! 4y

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