ericathanks NO SOCK BUN HOW-TO Time 90 seconds. You'll need a #ponytail holder and a set of #goody spin pins (they are amazing and take the place of 99 bobby pins - find them at any drug store) 1) Start with a high ponytail except 2) On the last loop, don't pull all the way through 3) At this point you'll have a fluffy almost bun, split and 4) Roll around the ponytail trying to get it fluffy all the way around. 4) Stick the spin pins on either side (you may need one or two bobby pins for stray strands or if you have layers) It might take a couple times of practicing to get it just right. Hope that helps! Now let's see your buns hun #bun #hairstyles #tutorial #howto #igers #igdaily #ilikebigbuns 4y

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