aminabaker.exsect Dude is home. Bone graft successful. Huge men on drugs is not at all as hilarious as it sounds... 4y
  •   destinybones Hope he feels better and recovers soon! 4y
  •   super_mikey Hope he gets better soon! 4y
  •   chopsuziie I know you will take good care of him. Love ya! Xoxo 4y
  •   vongeek Poor guy. Hope he gets better soon. Let him know wine will be on its way soon lol 4y
  •   noredalice Passed out. Cheers to recovery 4y
  •   sawacide Aawwwww 4y
  •   aminabaker.exsect @makemonstersnotwar was hit on his motorcycle in October. Hope the bone in his leg will take to the graft and grow new bone ;) 4y
  •   jasmineringomua Yikes! Scary procedure, good luck! ;) 4y

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