stuperbee Go for it... 3y
  •   mrtaxloss1 Holy poop Batman! This new dude playing live with you guys??? 3y
  •   pattycleo Sorry to hear that Shawn is no longer with you guys. When do we learn the identity of your mystery man? 3y
  •   misanthromance Dude, sad face.  I'm sure it's for the best, but what a bummer... 3y
  •   linneanatalie oh, sorry to hear :/ 3y
  •   sparkly_spike Really sorry to hear about Shawn's departure :( very sad. 3y
  •   cormacoleary All the best for the future to you guys and Shawn must be quite hard. But the show must go on 3y
  •   kelsiehotcakes Heartbroken that Shawn left best wishes to him and his family. I wish he would've been playing both times I seen Stone Sour last year. You definitely made the first show the best ever thanks again for the guitar pick Jim! Can't wait to see you with Slipknot this summer it's a dream come true! :..) 3y
  •   androocee Can't believe Shawn isn't with you guys anymore :( 2y

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