amctheatres Check out the collectable 3D glasses being given out at the AMC Burbank 16 as a part of the Marvel Movie Marathon! 4y
  •   picman717 There were no Thor or Capt America at the AMC Livonia.. WTF AMC lol 4y
  •   amazingjr87 I got the Iron Man glasses! #amcmarvel 4y
  •   fizzle24 Are they doing that at a lot of theatres? 4y
  •   bobbymonnerat Ran out at AMC Universal Citywalk... Not cool! 4y
  •   marcvibbert Guessing these will be for sale on eBay this weekend 4y
  •   djwillienyc Wowzers...They ran out in Universal that SUX...I paid all that for nothing : ( 4y
  •   marcvibbert They ran out at the AMC Mesa Grand in Mesa,AZ too :-( 4y
  •   youthinkmemad I got Cap! 4y

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