angeloyap We own the sky 4y
  •   stefffhoney @angeloyap LOVE that song. 4y
  •   angeloyap @stormiestef it sounds so good live too! Thanks again for that ticket! 4y
  •   axizajewelry guess who's baack..? 4y
  •   angeloyap @aoi__ heyyyyy! Welcome back! Long time no see your pics! Good to see ya here again!! 4y
  •   axizajewelry i was about to delete this app because of countless disappointments in attempt to retrieve my account. then just a few minutes ago i logged in and... voila! :) glad to hear from you again. not using kik na 4y
  •   angeloyap @aoi__ thats good you got in again!! I guess u have to be always ligged in now and not log out. My Kik account! Is still there 4y

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